Wednesday, April 7

What comes goes around...Life is Good!

I can't help from being happy. It really does pay to be kind and generous while knowing something greater is always in store for you. Life is good especially when you have that real LOVE manifest for you! I always wondered why people stay negative. Now I know they are in pain they choose not to work out. So it envelopes their mind and thoughts and causes them to lash out. Peace is so great. Mixed with Love one can have an explosive mix. I want to shout out my Grandmas and Mom for never giving up on me. They always knew who I was and were simply waiting for me to realize. I love them so much! I am really thankful for all the people in my life though. Now I know whatever we were experiencing was a reflection of our minds and thoughts. THANK GOD I have been positive for no obvious reason my whole life. I kinda knew anything was possible and because of some social programing I had begun to lose focus on the greater things in life. Not much for me to do now but live happily ever after ; ).


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