Monday, November 3

Haitian Sugar Plant

Ayitian Sugar Plant
I went to Haiti and thought
What can I give back to my strong people who fought
For Freedom and Justice they sought
Then dissimated Napoleans army
I guess I'll go back to my roots
And do what the French orginally sought to use
So I opened up a Haitien Sugar Plant
While giving many jobs so they too can afford to buy into me
But how will they catch up with the rest of the world
If they are just planting sugar cane seeds for me and the rest of the world
So I brought in some of the worlds greatest teachers
Then opened a school in Miamis' Lil' Haiti
So now I am not the only one going back to giving back
So now these Haitiens aren't only teaching me
But teaching the rest of the world how we can all BE
I am going back to Mother Africa like an outsourcing company
God its so cool to really see these dreams
I guess it has always been my destiny to manifest
To bless this great world with what has been inside my chest
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