Friday, November 14

Living in Miami, FL. USA

So instead of being limited in my visits to Miami, the universe has made it possible for me to live, work, school and/ or expand my awareness in the beautifulness of Miami. I thank God for this not only because I was asking for change but he/she is always constantly letting me know that IT is real. I want to stay in awareness instead of letting anxiousness, nervousness, or anger creep up into my emotional fields.

So I made a library to continue my "studies". Miami has a lot of libraries so one can get a good book in any area here as their is a whole Miami-dade library system and they are all connected kind of like us once one chooses to be aware of it.

I am going to keep on blogging on "Life Examined- The thinkers thoughts". So keep up and pray up to stay up. Life is a gift guys and gals/ my peeps. SO take any hardship as a gateway to a much needed lesson that you must learn. Stop fighting - your arms to short to box with God, besides you are really just fighting yourself.

O yea that jet poem was on a plane as i always wanted to be on the mile high club. ; )

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Vickens Moscova