Monday, November 3

BE Wings

BE Wings
You are who you think you are
You see who you want to BE
But what you want to BE doesn't even want to BE itself
So who am I?
One has has to ask themselves
Who can I BE if I really see myself
JESUS was the son of GOD and grew into himself to the fullest
He rarely questioned himself yet was a fool the foolish
People just realize that you need real savings more than a beating heart
Cause once that heart stops pumping you lose heart plus self plus life
Then one can rule the bottomworld with the stingy angel of the dark
That once was but is here negatively unpositively in ones mind
Telling you that you too can't be o so divine
Cause he can't BE, he cant see the greatness
He can't spread wings like love highly unlikely
So what are you to BE or not
Positively living like one should BE or not
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