Monday, November 10

Righteously Jetting

I am flying right through the sky Y'all
Ready to buy evrything in the sky mall
So much good cool things in it
Things that come from the Holy Spirit
Pretty Girls givin' me all their digits
Ima call them one day while I'm cascading all these riches
I am as rich now as Solomon is but it aint through wishes
Using this God given wisdom just like he did w/ his
SO listen close to my words kids
For it is God and not Vickens who speaks
God seriously loves us eternally, infinitely
So what are you choosing to let go to get on wit him
I dare not say I am as perfect as his son did
Yet I know where my vision is
So let and watch me fly high in my honda personal jet
As I stay greened collecting the finest gems, diamonds and begets
Then cashing 'em in cause its so much more worth it
TO give back while they saying he musta deserved it

1 love Vickens M.