Sunday, October 12

Go with the flow and grow

So hello everyone...its is truly a blessing to be here and after 23 years only now am I finally coming to realizations on this thing we call life.

I have been learning a lot recently, more than my years in school, elementary, middle, high school and even college. Life is meant to be easy and yet we complicating by wanting more than we truly need. (i.e. our financial mess that is affecting the whole world.) In these time it is better to let go of what you have been taught and start fresh learning a new. Life will get better for not only you, but us all since we have to realize where we have been going wrong if we want to change what has been happening to us. I know we all want to feel like individuals and make our own life but if you truly dont care for your neighbor how are you truly going to care for yourself.

Instead of looking at what others have think " God Blessed you with that and if I needed that I would have been born with it". Instead of trying so hard to "fix" your outer appearance aim to find your inner knowing and you will automatically feel a lot better about yourself. I guarantee it like meineke. We have so much more to be thankful for than not so everyday write a least 5 things you are thankful for in a notebook as a way to help you realize this fact. Do different things if you want different results. If it did not work last year why would it work now.

Look inside and dont be afraid of what you will find because you will only be better and a stronger being. Starting looking into your feelings instead of denying them. Start being more gracious and thankful because you really never had to exist and life truly is a gift. So know that you have purpose here and God just would like for us to live it.

So my fellow being let us pray and meditate for eachother, why, beacause we are all one. What affects you may have an effect on me.

God Bless and let us co-create grerat things with God instead of against Tao.

Go with the flow and grow, I promise.